Matt Thurston

Company Fourth Day

Phone 937.542.9982

Expertise Software Development

The people, culture, and opportunities for small businesses are all things I fell in love with when moving to Lakeland in 2014 for work. My passion is software development, and to learn and develop my skills further for the benefit of my clients and community. Even back in the late 90’s, as a boy, I’ve helped neighbors and friends fix computer problems and troubleshoot excel functions. Since, I’ve been formally educated at Wright State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and employed as a software engineer since 2011. As a professional, I’ve been fortunate enough to have experience ranging from enterprise projects for Publix and State Farm to helping a small business re-engineer its legacy applications in the cloud. I look forward to using both my gifts and experience to solve technical challenges for businesses as a member of the Catapult community.

Fourth Day started in March 2019 as a software development consulting company. From day 1 Fourth Day was committed to building quality software to meet the needs of its clients. In addition to custom software development, Fourth Day plans to launch a Chief Technology Officer as a Service to provide technology resources to startups.