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Long-time Lakelander. Studied Psychology, Data Science & Predictive Analytics. 3-time published author, blogger, podcaster, guest speaker, and teacher on the subject of research, data, and business strategy. My research has shaped the creation of products & business strategies across industries. As the Head of Research & Business Strategy at Accomplice, I work with organizations to define their consumer, leverage their internal data sets, identify new revenue streams and strategic partnerships, and construct actionable insights for design/development of digital solutions.

Accomplice is a strategic design agency. We leverage data science and consumer insights to create products and scalable businesses. By driving the creation of products, services, and brands with analytics and consumer insights, we are able to provide an intentional, iterative process to scaling your business holistically. We help companies with: creating/designing digital products & solutions, entering new markets, creating new business lines, data science, predictive analytics, UX/UI solutions, design, product & business strategy, consumer/market research, and branding.