Jenny Heidtman

The Orpheum Theatre

Company The Orpheum Theatre

Phone 718-408-0653

Expertise Community engagement, Artist management, Music

The Orpheum is a non-profit organization creating exciting performance events for the community, providing education for children and opportunities for emerging artists, and renovating one of Polk County’s most historic theatres in Bartow, Florida. At Catapult we will be working on our marketing strategies, especially our online presence, and connecting to emerging young professionals interested in the performing arts.

I am a native Polk county girl, born and raised. After graduating from Florida Southern College, I travelled throughout the US and parts of Europe as a musician. Upon returning to my hometown of Bartow, I noticed a real need for performing arts education outside of our schools, a lack of a sense of “community” where students could be inspired by each other and professional artists . I also noticed Bartow in a state of economic development, and a need for something to draw people downtown. During this time I discovered a small building on Main Street that was a thriving theatre and community hot spot in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and these ideas began to culminate. The building was donated to us so that we could realize our dream not only for Bartow, but for central Florida. We have since been holding events in various places throughout the area, building a community, involving students and bringing in great talent, but we greatly look forward to the day when we can call our theatre on Main Street “home”. We’d like to connect with similar artists and businesses in the area, for we believe that a rising tide raises all ships, that we will find our true purpose and success in working with central Florida as a whole. And we also want to be current with modern technology, marketing and business strategies.