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FlipSavage Gives is a Non-Profit Organization designed to give free housing to Veterans, Single Parents, and those in need. Our goal is to host charitable events where we raise funds to feed the homeless, save up to buy lots and build homes. Our Ultimate goal is to give away 3-6 homes a month.

My name is Farah Gaston my parents immigrated from Les Irios, Haiti and 1995 to Syracuse NY after being tired of the cold we move to Sunny Lakeland, FL in 2001. We have lived here ever since. I started doing real estate redevelopment with my Husband Jason Gaston 3 years ago, we love to teach and wanted to give back to our community by teaching real estate investing to like minded entrepreneurs. In 2015 Bruzenskey Bois our partner, Jason and I started FlipSavage a local Real Estate Investment Group. We decided we want to be able to donate our time and energy into giving back on a greater scale. We started this Non-Profit FlipSavage Gives company so that we can donate houses to those who are in need it and help repair damaged homes, help the poor and hungry. We are beyond excited that we are finally able to do so.