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David Perrera

My name is David Perrera; I am originally from NJ. I moved to FL 2 years ago with my wife Nici (Pronounced Nicky) and two children Eden and Levi to get away from the snow… and the taxes. 😉

6 months after moving down, I began working for a prominent online direct response marketing firm as their director of sales. 3 months after that, the owner and founder of the company took me under his wing as his personal apprentice to teach me everything he knows about online marketing. In order to get the full experience, I needed to come up with a product that he would teach me how to market and sell. Being that I have backyard chickens, I chose mealworms.

Over the year following we have sold over 6,000 bags, have partnered with the largest feed distributor in the northeast, and will be in several Walmart stores as well as starting a relationship with Tractor Supply Co.

We have a vast client list profile at our marketing agency where we assist them in building online Marketing Funnels.