Chelsea Brown

Company Gran-O-La-La

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Chelsea Brown

Since I was a child I have loved cooking, baking, and creating my own recipes. Somewhere along the way my creations actually started being edible! I began making cupcakes and personalized cookies for different celebrations for extra money during college. August 2016 I moved to Florida from North Carolina to begin my dream job. Shortly after I moved I was told the company no longer had the funds for the position. So, I have decided to jump head first and pursue my passion for baking!

Being someone who is sensitive to many foods, I decided that I wanted to produce a delicious snack that was also good for you, and helps bring energy to your body rather than slow it down. I love sweets, but I do not always love the way I feel after eating them. So I took some of my favorite candy and dessert flavors and turned them into a protein-packed snack that helps fuel the body. All of my products are organic and gluten-free, and include a variety of unique flavors. Who said you can’t be healthy and give in to your sweet-tooth?!