Anastasia Zivic

The Key of Z

Company The Key of Z

Phone 219-678-3699

Expertise Marketing, Writing, Entertainment Industry

The Key of Z is being founded to unite several freelance projects under one umbrella. In 2010, after 10 years of ad agency and in-house advertising work for various client types, as well as marketing and sales for the investment industry in Chicago, I left the corporate world to found LifeIC Entertainment. While still working on projects for LifeIC, I have several small local clients for whom I perform various marketing roles, and a large corporate client upstart for whom I am crafting their complete marketing plan, content and collateral. Here at Catapult I would be working on various projects including 2 website builds, the marketing plan and completion for a local musician who is about to release his 6th album (includes packaging and merchandise design), writing for a local music publication, and various other media, promotion and production work, as well as building my own website and other branding tasks.

After many years in the corporate world, I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and thus started a boutique entertainment agency in the Chicagoland area. Utilizing my ad agency experience, there was a natural transition in applying it to my great love: music. After being hired by several music acts for various management, consulting, marketing and promotional projects, I became a talent buyer for several music venues, as well. In 2012, after my husband and I made our umpteenth visit to the Lakeland area to visit my mother in law, we decided to load it all up and come to Beverl-akeland, Lakeland Hills, that is. (Not really – but I made me laugh.) But, yes. We found a quick home in the local music community and since then he has built a nice place in the Central FL music community, with 15+ gigs a month, and my music business also flourished as more contacts were made. I have been involved in music production projects, such as Live from the Music Ranch, as well as other FL tv/film projects, both on- and off-screen. I’ve had my proverbial finger in a lot of pots and it’s time to create one big stew for everyone to enjoy. After spending a day here working at Catapult I’m certain this is a wonderful fit, that I can add to the community here – and help local businesses with smaller ad budgets to provide high-rise quality work at affordable prices. In my spare time, I love to travel, spend time with friends – music – of course, and I’m learning to love yoga.