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Justyna recognized the need for Steed Armor through personal experience as an avid equestrian. She found that the saddle liner she was using suffered substantial wear after only a handful of uses, so she set out to make a high-quality, sustainable saddle liner made from 100% merino wool. This same wool can be found in high-performance gear for outdoor activities and is the best base layer to optimize moisture-wicking, temperature regulation, flexibility, washability, and bacterial resistance. She believes her product will provide the most beneficial and durable solution for both people and horses.

What is your business? Steed Armor produces exceptional quality equine saddle liners made of 100% merino wool. This fiber works as an ideal base layer for saddle pads and saddles without interfering with the functionality of the saddle pad.

Who are your clients? Equine enthusiasts such as owners, trainers, and competitors.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? After thinking about the opportunities and regrets I’ve had, I became more conscious of avoiding regret in the future. It became clear that I would have to push fear and doubt aside, start to act on my ideas, and respect my passions. One little act at a time, I became an entrepreneur.

Business win? One of the first and most encouraging accomplishments for Steed Armor was receiving a $10,000 Catapult Pre-Launch Micro-Grant.

Why Lakeland? Amazing community support, preservation of architecture and nature, and exciting cultural and economic growth.

What are your favorite things to do in Lakeland? Spending Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market, meeting people with incredible histories and passions, and photographing the beautiful scenery and architecture.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult gave me the motivation to commit to my business idea and gave me a sense of belonging. The community and business resources are priceless!

Secret Sauce? Find the peace to settle your mind and be good to yourself, so you can better serve others.

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